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Welcome to AcademiaGrid (AG). This site was created to give prospective and current students a look into college life and culture in its many facets. The stories are written and told from the perspective of current and former college students so it doesn’t get any more unbiased than AG.

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AG’s vision is to provide guidance for potential students to have access to the information they can learn from real-life experiences as well as valuable and insightful information from other students, educators, psychologists, and other professionals. To be able to exchange ideas, strategies, and use their potential to the fullest to be a successful student. To create a platform that can help a diverse range of students and people to thrive in academia as well as also maintaining their overall wellbeing.

We cover general topics from how to find financial aid and filling out college applications to finding that first job after college. Have the study tips you used to skate through high school started to fail you in college? We have articles to help you improve and create new study habits. If you are looking for something fun, check out articles on the hottest phone apps or ideal and affordable spring break destinations.

Whether it is about mental health, wellness, education, employment, or partying, AG wants to help students make the most of their college experience.

Community For the Reader

AG strives to be a helpful, reliable resource for students but we are also a growing community. If there is something missing from the content featured, head over to the Contact Us and let us know what you think. We would love to have your input.

Now that you’re on board, it’s time to jump in. If it’s important to college life then you will find it here to fit your needs. Thanks for stopping by and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Important Notes (Covid-19)

We are aware that education, at all levels, has been significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it leads to homeschooling for elementary students, the wearing of masks and limitations on speaking to each other or playing without masks for young students, or to the university world for the new student, existing students, and ones wishing to pursue higher education, all have been deeply affected.

For students entering, the university already, or moving forward with their university careers, much has changed. Originally, students did not have the chance in many cases to earn a final mark to contribute to their applications. Instead, schools submitted guesstimates based on past performance.

More importantly, applicants could not participate in the graduation rituals, and other rites of passage valued for their contribution to an individual’s sense of self and of achievement.  Additionally, their relationships to others of their peers, as well as, in many cases, the opportunity to live away from home for the first time was snatched away. For most people, their university and college days are amongst the most powerful elements in what they consider to be their grown-up selves.

Our heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by Covid-19. We recognize that this has been difficult for all of us and so we will try our best to cover topics that will serve the student population as much as we can.